You Need A Job? Talk To People!

When looking for a job, people will try many different methods, which vary from looking at shop windows, researching online job boards, signing up to twitter feeds and looking on specific businesses’ Facebook and LinkedIn pages and then applying to all the jobs that they can find.

However, missing in many of these methods is the face to face contact that used to be so highly valued before the growth of the internet. It is now a recognisable trend that people will prefer to email or send a text message than call someone – people just don’t seem to talk to people anymore.

This new trend is affecting the way that people get jobs. Before the advance of technology, people would scout out employers through careers fairs or organisational open days where it was possible to get a real feel for a business and the workers by talking to them face to face. In this manner, employers would also be able to get a real feel for potential employees and sometimes skip the interview process altogether!

Whilst it is entirely possible these days to get an interview and incredibly, sometimes even an actual job without speaking to anybody, without this personal contact, people can find that when they actually start work, they don’t get along with their colleagues. On the flip side, an employer can be led to believe, in an interview, that they have found the right person, only to find that they are definitely the wrong person once work has started.

Striking up a conversation with people whilst at the local coffee shop, restaurant or retail store, that happens to be close to your targeted employers’ place of business, takes the pressure off a person that an interview places on them. You can talk openly and honestly with the people that you start up conversations with and who knows who they might work for.

You might find yourself making friends in a coffee shop with the CEO of a publishing company, or even the PA of a high flying executive, both people who could help you to get a step up the ladder into a role that might never come up on an online job board or ad. There will also be many local business events that you can register with and attend, where you can listen to various business seminars and then network with people afterwards. Networking at events such as these, is a great way to find new job opportunities.

Never underestimate the value of personal contact. Do not misunderstand our message here though; the internet is great for many things, job searching just being one of them. However, if you truly need a job, then you must explore every avenue that you can and you just can’t afford to ignore that you need to talk to people too!

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