Why is CV/Resume writing so important?

If getting an interview with an employer is like making a first impression on a first date with them, getting your CV/Resume absolutely spot on is your chance to woo them. If you write it correctly, you can make sure that you get that all-important chance to attend an interview and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Your CV needs present all of your assets comprehensively, in the best possible light, as a perfect fit with what the employer is looking for. The employer looks at every CV for an average of 15 seconds, so the key elements that make you an ideal person to fill the advertised role need to leap from the page and grab their attention.

Remember that out of all the CV/Resume applications for the job, you will leave the starting block with the same momentum as some equally qualified candidates. So you need to know how to write about yourself as offering slightly more than the job description calls for. What makes you stand out from the crowd? What rare professional quality do you have that others admire you for? What kind of shining example have you set to previous teams you have worked with?

Call on all of your most outstanding experiences. Most people tend to underemphasise their assets. If you’ve worked for a stilt-walking company all over Europe, (and I know someone who has), this is one experience that’s going to stand out under your ‘hobbies and interests’ section. If you have volunteered with a sea rescue team or given your time to caring for vulnerable people – or animals – this shows a generosity of spirit on your part that suggests you will fit in well with a team.

You can only write the perfect CV/Resume by looking carefully at the keywords that the company uses on its job application and making sure that you match your profile, key qualities, qualifications and professional experience to it. Do make sure that you write an original CV/Resume for each job you apply for. Even if you are applying within the same industry, different companies will have different values and individual requirements. If you woo them by showing that you have paid attention to what they are looking for, and you try to match that point for point, you are in with a strong chance of being called for interview.

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