What type of employment is right for you?

What type of employment is right for you?

What type of employment is right for you?

The world of work has never been more complicated than it is today… and that’s a good thing. You may not realise it, but you no longer have to fit yourself into a traditional 9-5 role if you don’t feel that you’re suitable for that type of employment. You can start your own businesses, procure online jobs, work from home or simply accept part-time work. You may even choose to hold down multiple different types of job. For example, you might run your own small business during the day, but supplement your income with online work during the evening. But what type of work is right for you? If you’re having difficulty choosing between different type of employment, we can help. We’ve prepared a list of different employment-type options that may be open to you and the type of person that is best suited to each of them.

1. Self-employment as a business owner

Do you thrive under pressure and relish the prospect of taking on a new challenge? If so, becoming a self-employed business owner might be the best option for you. Starting your own business is one of the most popular ways to become self-employed. It gives you the chance to create and develop an enterprise that may ultimately give you financial security and long-term success. To take on this responsibility, you should have excellent organisational skills and a knack for team-building, as you will need to keep your business running smoothly whilst developing a strong team of employees.

2. Freelance self-employment

Becoming a freelancer gives you the flexibility to work how you want and with who you want. Freelancing is challenging and involves high-pressure, just like business ownership, due to the fact that it is often hard to predict exactly how much work will be available during different periods. You will need a different skill-set to take on this type of challenge. You need to be flexible, adaptable and able to deliver high-quality work in constantly-changing circumstances. If you need an exciting, changeable atmosphere to stay motivated and focused, becoming a freelancer may be the ideal career choice for you.

3. Online work

All sorts of work is available over the internet nowadays. If you’re self-disciplined and work best when you’re alone at your computer, without external distractions, seeking out online work may be the right move for you. Online work is mostly freelance (and therefore comes with all the challenges of conventional freelance work), but you may be able to find online employment that offers a steady income.

4. Working from home

If you enjoy your present job but feel that your workplace environment isn’t bringing out the best in you, you may wish to consider working from home (you can ask your current employer about this, or seek a new-but-similar position where you can work from home). This is very similar to working online and requires the same level of self-discipline, but you may feel more comfortable because your employment is linked to a physical company.

5. Part-time work

Do you find the 9-5 work environment a little too constrictive but still feel you need conventional workplace structures? If so, you may wish to consider seeking out part-time work. You can either opt to hold down two or more part-time jobs that offer the same hours as a full-time job between them, or you can choose to take just a single part-time job. Holding down multiple part-time jobs will enable you to earn a similar salary to a single full-time job, but will give you the chance to switch between different skill-sets and environments, thereby making you feel freer and more dynamic. Alternatively, choosing to hold down only one part time job would mean accepting a lower income, but will also give you more free time to pursue passions outside the workplace.

What type of employment is right for you?

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