What causes people to consider a change in profession?

There are some people who are constantly happy with their career and so stay in their role for ten years or more. However, there are many more who are not always content to do this and feel that there is something missing, which makes them want to try out a career that is totally different from what they have ever done before.

For some people it is the argument of vocation versus occupation, in the sense that a vocation is a calling, something that you feel you have to do, that you’re great at. For instance, the best teachers are those that see their job as a vocation instead of merely a role that pays the bills. People can often find themselves stuck in a role that they don’t like, that doesn’t inspire them and find that they long to fulfill their dream of being a fireman, a teacher, a lawyer, a nursery school teacher – anything at all.

Another reason that may cause someone to choose to move to an alternative career is boredom with their current one. They may find that they have been too long in their current role and that they need to be challenged more or that they need to have more responsibility and power. It could also be that a person wants to make a difference to other people or the world and they just feel that they can’t do this within their current chosen career, so need a new one.

It could be that money is the real cause behind a person changing their career. Many people become frustrated with their career when they haven’t received a rise in salary for a while and find that they are not living their life to the full and are in need of more money, so a change in career can give them the money that they are in need of.

Of course, it may just be that the main cause of a person leaving one career to go into another is because they are just not happy in their current one. They may feel that they don’t really feel particularly expert in anything in particular and so choose a new career where they can be educated and specialise in a chosen subject instead.

A person might very well choose to leave a current career where they are working for someone else, in favor of going into a totally different career where they are self-employed. The advantages of this are clear, they are their own boss and can work as hard as they want and the rewards of that work will go to them, instead of lining someone else’s pockets.

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