Welcome to the independant workforce [infographic]

This infographic shows the growing trend in the independant workforce. This is a trend we should not ignore. Even if you have a great permanent job, next time you are looking for work you can be competing with contractors who can be located anywhere in the world. Although writing and copy-writing are currently well presented a shift towards support and IT is easily predictable. For the moment sites like Mturk or microworkers facilitate work for simple tasks but who is to say that it wont develop into more advanced platforms. Elance and Odesk already do this.

The problem is that this way of working demands a shift in mentality both for the employer and the contractor. These platforms rely on feedback from users and delivering an honest high quality service is what will count in the end.

Oh, these platforms are also very competitive, both on price and quality so before you have a go make sure you can compete!

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