Jobs News roundup week 4

This week has been another week of bad news for job cuts. Barclays, the BBC, TalkTalk and Liverpool Council to name a few, all announced job cuts. Job cuts will be something we will hear a lot about in the next few quarters. The job cuts are in it self not that bad as people make them out.

Let me give you an example, you have been in your job for 18 years now, been passed over for promotion a few times and although your good at your job your not able to move up the ladder. Redundancy could be a route out of your “OK” job. Yes it will be a shock to be without work and it will take some time to get over it but the good thing is you have left your “OK” job and are now able to look for a “GREAT” job.

A great job needs to align to your passion. Maybe you are passionate about preserving Mother Nature. If so one of the newly created jobs at the solar panel factory in Wrexham might be for you. If hospitality is your passion and you would like to run your own B&B one day, why not have a taste with a job at Travelodge?

If you have a passion for coffee, Costa coffee has vacancies too. If you know your passion I am sure you can find that special job. Just think about what it is you love. Maybe this redundancy is your opportunity to something different. If do want to find out your real passion consider career coaching

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