Most Wanted Employers and Roles (Forbes 2016) #INFOGRAPHIC

Great companies to work for


When looking for a perfect job one needs to know exactly what makes the job perfect and where to look for it.
There were multiple surveys that were conducted to find out what job seekers are primarily looking for when looking for their next ideal job. According to Forbes such factors as flexible time schedule with work from home opportunity, childcare, student loan reimbursement, paid time off, diversity, gym memberships, fitness centers, healthcare and a few others are as important as the pay rate. Conveniently for the job seeker, Forbes also collected ten best companies that meet and exceed most demanding expectations of the job seekers. The ten companies featured in the list are Google (currently looking for Associate Account Strategist and a Software Engineer); Acuity (currently looking for Underwriters and Claims Adjustors); BCG (you may apply if you are looking for a job of an Associate Consultant); Wegmans (open positions: Store Department Manager and Store Customer Service); Quicken Loans (open positions are Mortgage Loan Processor and Mortgage Banker); Baird (apply if you are interested in being a Financial Advisor); Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. (is looking for Admin Support, and Engineering Analyst); SAAS (are you a Java Developer?); Camden (is looking for Community Manager and Leasing Consultant) and last but not least Edward Jones (open positions are Branch Office Administrator and Sr. Programmer Analyst).
If you are looking for the company where your job brings you happiness, it is worth reading reviews of current and former employees or applying directly with the companies that are on the top ten list. Good luck!

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