What’s up with twitter and getting jobs?

You’ve probably started to hear that more and more people are getting jobs via twitter so, should you be on twitter for jobs?

Yes and No.

“Huh?” You might think, so let me clarify.

Firstly, these days more and more recruiters are getting on twitter and feeding their live jobs into the feed. Following these agencies, and to some extent larger companies, will have these jobs show up in your twitter feed. Other areas I recommend to follow are: media, HR and support.

So far so good, live jobs to your twitter feed can only be good, right? Well yeah but how many people are on twitter and are also looking at these jobs? We have all read the news; 125K people got a job via twitter, or some other great headline. What these headlines don’t tell you is how strong the competition is for all these jobs.

Another issue is that if you want to catch the right job for you, you could be spending quite a few hours staring at the feed. Maybe there are better ways to spend this time.

Here are a few things to consider:

Should you really apply for jobs that are advertised to so many people? Is this a good use of your time?
Can you really check if a job is for you in only 140 characters and would you not be wasting too much time checking all these jobs out?
What if you could put yourself in front of the queue, before the job goes out; would that not be a better option?

Can you get jobs via twitter? Yes you can.

Is it the most efficient way of using your valuable time during your job search? Probably not.

So here is what you do; you see a recruiter or company advertising jobs related to the job you want, give them a call and register your details. That way they might just contact you before they tweet the job ,would that not be better?

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