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Is it time to start a new career? Are you looking to experience a new exciting way to make a living whilst doing what you love? This Infographic has gathered the top ten jobs that didn’t exist five years ago but now could provide you with a fun and worthwhile way for you to make a living.

If you are good with technology then you could become the next big iOS or Android developer. Over the past 5 years there has been over a 140% growth in the field. What about exercising and getting paid for it? Then a job as Zumba or Beach Body Instructor might be the right fit for you. This exciting field has grown over 390% in the past 5 years. If developing and exercise aren’t the right fit, then you could always try your hand at Social Media Intern position which grew over 174% in the past 5 years. Other jobs that weren’t around 5 years ago include The Digital Marketing Specialist, The Cloud Services Specialist, The Big Data Architect, the UI/US Designer, and The Data Scientist.

All of these jobs have grown at least at a 17% growth over the past five years. In today’s ever changing workplace environment maybe it is time to explore some more unconventional methods of providing for your family. Find your passion then discover a job that fits your personal goals and desires.

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