Top 5 Money-Making IT Jobs

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Top 5 Money-Making IT Jobs

Since technology is rapidly growing and changing, Information Technology is a high-paying field in comparison to other fields. It is recommended that you choose an IT job because you enjoy it. But, if you have no problem just being in it for the money, here are the top five money-making IT jobs.

1. Chief Information Officer

A chief information officer, often referred to as an information technology director, can expect to make between $126,750 and $210,000 per year. The job of a CIO is to report to the CEO, COO, CFO, or the commanding officer in a military setting. Usually, this job is given to a senior executive in a business that deals with information technology and computer systems.

2. Vice President

A vice president in the information technology field will probably have a yearly salary of $112,250 to $166,250. The vice president works under the CEO or president of the company, and in the sudden absence of the CEO, a vice president may act as president until the board of directors appoints a new president. The vice president can expect to work closely with the Board Executive, Board of Directors, and senior staff to discuss long-term goals, strategies and policies.

3. Chief Technology Officer

In 2008, the low end yearly salary of a CTO was $107,250 while the high end yearly salary of a CTO was $165,250. This executive level position deals with identifying and solving scientific and technological issues within the business. The CTO also reports to the CEO about big picture or long-term issues. Depending on the company, the CTO may oversee other positions, such as the director of R&D.

4. Consulting/Systems Integration Director

The average systems integration director can expect to earn about $93,240 to $137,500 per year. The duty of a consulting/systems integration director in the information technology field is to ensure all subsystems work together without any problems or malfunctions. A systems integration director finds a way to make systems in charge of inputting, storing, comprehending, organizing, and processing data work together to accomplish one specific task. For example, they may make all these systems work together to solve a common customer issue. System integrators are problem solvers, because they are excellent at solving customer problems with problems that already exist. Typically, a systems integration director is a generalist because they know a little about every single product that the company sells.

5. Consulting/Systems Integration Practice Manager

A practice manager has a salary similar to that of a director, making between $92,500 and $125,500 per year. The duties of a practice manager involve developing goals and plans when it comes to getting products and services to the business’s customers. They also work with third-party vendors, mange client relations, identify revenue targets, and may overlook a team of consultants and project mangers. Typically, you must have about a decade of IT experience before being qualified enough to become a practice manger.

As you can see, there are many high-paying careers in the information technology field. These top five positions take a lot of hard work to be qualified for, but the salaries make the hard work very worthwhile.

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    Glad to know what the 5 top IT jobs that significantly bring in high salary. I must admit that the ones you mentioned have a lot of responsibilities to do, but it sure pays well. Thanks for sharing!

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