The Work State of Mind [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to this infographic from gyro, the “Work State of Mind” – the workplace has steadily changed and evolved around smartphones with internet technology. Traditionally, work was separated from outside activities. Now most smartphone users can handle social matters at work, and work matters at dinner. One statistic shows that 98% of workers deal with personal matters at the office. Is this messing up our work life balance? Is yours affected?

From: gyro

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  1. Sylvia

    I strongly agree with this infographic. Work is not a place any longer. It depends on the state of mind of the individual. I have observed some people I have worked with in the office who are physically present at work, but their mind sometimes isn’t concentrated on the work at hand – maybe they have problems at home, or they can do their work while at home so they don’t need to do much in the office, etc.

    1. Nik Lemmens

      Hi Sylvia,

      The problem you describe is indeed very often caused by bring home problems to work and vice-verso. This affects productivity and happiness leading to stress and depression. Mentally your brain is semi at work for 60+ hours a week and surely that cannot be right!

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