The Job Search Formula

The Job Search Formula is a unique book to take the strain out of your job hunt. It is based of over 10 years experience in achieving constant success searching for jobs.
Why do people have a successful job search?
– They have the right CV
– They apply for the right jobs
– They get recruited
– They are prepared for the interviews
– They know how to get the right job offer
So what about you?
Have you been applying for plenty of jobs with hardly any positive response?
Have you gotten interest in your CV but no interviews?
Have you been invited for interviews for jobs you did not really want?
Have you failed more then 2 interviews?If you answered yes to any of these questions you need this book!You will learn to:
– Express your value
– Understand your ideal job
– Understand job openings
– Use the 90% Rule
– Position yourself with a great CV
– Use the job search formula to generate job leads
– Understand the application process
– Prepare for interviews
– Negotiate a good deal
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The book is based on my experience as a career coach and my time spent with some major corporates as a leader and hiring manager. Having dealt with redundancies myself I bring these lessons into this book to help you to succeed fast in your job search!

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