Freelancing as a career #Infographic

Freelancing as a career


Not having a boss to deal with would be a great career change for many former nine-to-fivers. Turning your unique experiences into cash by writing about them for related websites has become a booming industry. Freelancers make up more than thirty percent of the workforce in the United States. Hobbyists, sports enthusiasts, travel buffs and creatives of all types are sharing knowledge to build content of related websites.
Finding new projects, coming up with a space to write where you can avoid distractions, and figuring out the taxes can be challenging. But in exchange for that, the freedom to create when and where you find inspiration is a huge draw for many people who enjoy the flexibility freelancing provides. This work style is becoming much more accepted, and some day may even be regarded the new norm.
One reason that this industry has taken off is the vast exposure to affordable, free wi-fi and other related technology. This allows new freelancers to enter the market, but it also creates a worldwide demand for a constant stream of new content.
Freelancers vary in age, representing about thirty percent each of Millennials, Gen X and Boomers. Seniors grab a small percentage of the market. Some use this as a second job to earn extra cash, but many have turned it into a career doing something they love, and enjoying the flexibility to do it on your own time schedule.

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