The competency based interview

The competency based interview

So your job search has been successful and the interview is next. The competency based interview is one of the preferred methods for recruiters and hiring managers to asses if you are the right person for the job. During the competency based interview they want to learn as much as they can about you. With increased competition for every job. It is therefore critical you are ready for their questions.

How to get ready for your competency based interview?

The first step is to understand the competencies you have. As a graphic designer for example you are probably able to conceptualise, design, improvise, or generate ideas. Make a list of your own competencies, 6 to 9 competencies should be enough and rank them in strength.

The next step is to understand the competencies required for the role you applied for. Click competency based interview add for an example. From the example we can see that the recruiter asked for the following competencies.
During the interview process you will be asked to demonstrate the following competencies:

* Ability to think creatively and produce new ideas and concepts
* High degree of proof reading skills
* Demonstrate illustrative skills with rough sketches
* Ability to work quickly within tight deadlines
* High degree of skill within design for print and technical web based design.

Finally you need to see how your competencies align to the required competencies and prepare for the questions that will come your way.

Lets look at the first 3 competencies from our example and see what questions could be asked in a competency based interview.

Think creatively.
Example Question: “tell us about a time where you had to deviate from the conventional approach to reach the desired outcome”
Produce new ideas
Example question: tell us about a time you were asked to present a new idea without too much preparation.
Proof Reading
Example Question: tell us about a time you reviewed an article and had to suggest a re-design.

The approach to answer question in a competency based interview is to structure your answers around the STAR or CAR methodologies

The STAR method is:

S – Situation, background set the scene
T – Task or Target, specifics of what’s required, when, where, who
A – Action, what you did, skills used, behaviors, characteristics
R – Result – Outcome, what happened

The CAR method is:

C – Context: background
A – Action: what you did, skills used, behaviors, characteristics
R – Result: Outcome, what happened

To summarise

3 Steps to succeed in a competency based interview

1. Understand your own competencies
2. Understand the job requirements
3. Prepare for the potential questions using the STAR or CAR methodology

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