Teachers Help Shape Future Generations

It’s never to late to consider a career change even if you’re mature in years. If you’re tired of commuting to your job several miles away, feeling overworked and stressed, or even lacking motivation at work, then it’s time to take a long hard look at changing what you do.

Career coaching

Work takes up a large part of our lives so it is important that your work fulfills your needs and aspirations instead of stressing you out and making you feel downright miserable. Career coaching is a great idea for those individuals who need a hand in identifying what they really want out of life. A career coach can help you use the skills and qualities that you already possess and channel them into something more worthwhile. They can help a person identify opportunities and a network of contacts who might be able to help them.

Where there’s a will there’s a way

If you enjoy working with young people and love nothing better than explaining things to an audience then teaching could be the career for you, it’s also a great profession for someone who is leaving the army to consider. The good thing is that there are a number of ways into teaching which are dependent upon your current situation and qualifications, but you can rest assured that there will be a way in for you.

To take on the role of a teacher you need to have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) which shows that you have reached a suitable skill level for this job. To obtain QTS you’ll need to complete a programme of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) which consists of at least 18 weeks practical experience in a school environment. ITT can be undertaken through a number of options which should suit almost everyone looking to become a teacher.

Undergraduate courses

You can learn to be a teacher whilst completing a degree through a Batchelor of Education, Science or Arts. The latter two include a GTS course. The course takes around 3-4 years on a full time basis and those individuals interested in pursuing primary teaching will find that the BEd is the most popular route.

Postgraduate courses

A One year Post Certificate of Education course is a route which gives you a further year at college or university focussing specifically on teaching. Individuals are expected to have a degree level knowledge of their chosen subject. These courses also provide a total of 24 weeks placement (18 for primary) in a minimum of 2 schools.

Education Based Training

The Graduate Teacher Programme is tailored to the individual and provides one year’s training based in a school. This is usually the choice of mature people who need to earn whilst they train. Be warned, however, that places are limited and competition is fierce. Schools usually advertise these positions or they can be sourced via your local education authority.

Registered Teacher Programme

This is an option for individuals who have completed two years of a degree course. They will need to find a school that is willing to employ them as an unqualified teacher and train them on an individually tailored programme. This option allows a person to continue to work towards gaining their degree along with their QTS, whilst earning unqualified teacher’s wages.

What can I expect to earn?

Newly qualified teachers can expect to earn a minimum salary of £21,588 (£27,000) in inner London in a state maintained school. Wages are likely to be considerably higher in a private school.

How Do I Find A Teaching Job?

There are several ways that you can find a teaching job:

Local authorities (LA)
School vacancies are often advertised by the Local Authority in which they are available.

An online job search can lead to specialist recruitment sites and dedicated sections of major recruitment websites

Jobs can be located in the national press including the Times, Guardian and Independent. Some schools also advertise in local papers.

Many individuals take up positions in the schools ion which they did their initial teacher training and many schools keep these trainees on file for future reference should a position become available.

Schools Recruitment Service
This is a hassle free online recruitment service which handles the entire application process

So, if you’re looking for a career that really makes a difference and can shape the lives of future generations, then take a look at becoming a teacher.

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