Survival Guide for Working Parents #Infographic

Work life balance for busy parents


Being a working parent can make it challenging to keep everything in check, however, here are some tips to help. Though taking care of a young child is a wonderful part of a parent’s day, it can be very draining. Finding a balance between work and children can be stressing for a parent, but it doesn’t need to be.

Have breakfast ready to go the night before. Pack lunches and get clothes out for the next day. Prepping meals for the week on Sunday will also help either cook and freeze or just prep out the ingredients. To minimise the time spent on household tasks, do as much as you can online, for example, paying bills online, doing product research or the main grocery shopping.

Find a job that will give you time for your family. Have a family calendar with important dates, and even chores. Keep your family time free from work thoughts snd attributes, leaving work at work. Give yourself a break by making sure you create some “me-time”. Share the home chores with partner to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Try not to benchmark against someone else’s standards, and leave your perfectionism behind. Parenthood doesn’t need to be a sacrifice. If you learn to de-stress your life on a daily basis, you will be able to grow professionally and privately.

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