Social Learning On the Rise [infographic]


In the new economy of business, employees need a different type of training to be productive and happy in their position. The old sleepy style of formal classroom learning is a poor return on investment. Newer social and collaborative techniques are much more engaging, and people remember more.
Employees have admitted that they learn more with a hands on learning approach and that involvement with co workers leads to higher motivation. Employees actually want honest feedback from their boss. Employee engagement goes up with more feedback.
There always has been social learning on the job, but now there are even more tools and ways to engage. With people working remotely or in different offices, there are ways to collaborate effectively. For higher employee retention of smart and savvy millennials, you need tools which include good visual demonstrations and feedback. People welcome the use of social media these days and need mentors. The right training will increase performance and keep people happy enough to be part of the team. You will be more able to retain good employees using good social training methods.

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