Recruiting & Retaining Sales People: Issues and Solutions #Infographic

Recruitment Woes

Recruitment and retention are hitting companies hard. Trying to find the right candidate is difficult and even more difficult to keep the employee once you find them.

Employees are now looking for more career progression opportunities and better salaries in a company. The number one reason that employees are leaving is lack of career progression. Over half of new sales employees are looking for a new role within two years. Companies need to look into better career devlopment programs, higher salaries and even better bonuses. Employee turnover rates are high. One in ten companies had over a 30 percent turnover rate. Unfulfilled vacancies are causing losses in revenue.

Recruiting needs to have a facelift as well. Companies need to look into better training for their hiring staff. Recruitment needs to become more strategic instead of tactical. New methods to hiring need to be explored. Over 80 percent of employers thought it was difficult to assess sales skills with a CV alone.

Employees are using the Internet as a tool to do their research prior to interviewing for positions. Companies need to do more to increase their positive online footprint and be aware of their negative footprint.

As recruitment and retention continue to become more difficult for companies they need to realise it is time for a change.

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