How to Project Confidence and Knowledge when You Speak #Infographic

Speaking Habits


When someone speaks to us, our brain processes not only the content of the message, but also socially-relevant information about the speaker such as their intelligence, wealth, and education. Having analysed these factors, we decide what weight we give to the speaker and what they have to say. According to a study on how voices influence others’ perception, 23% of participants said the speakers’ voice quality influenced their opinion, whilst 11% said it was merely the content of the message. Other factors were passion, knowledge, and presence.

It is suggested that the first thing you need to do is to work on your posture. A relaxed spine makes you comfortable and sets the mood for you to become mentally confident for the physical state of being. Original thought is perceived to be more intelligent than using cliches or buzzwords.
By speaking loudly but not forcefully, you convey the message that you are confident. In addition to this, vocal frequencies and the listener’s ability to ease their tone whilst projecting it carefully refines it into an electrifying experience for the listener.

The Infographic warns us of bad impressions that vocal fry and uptalk may convey and suggests to keep longer pauses after your main points to emphasise their significance and allow the audience enough time to digest them.

If you only have basic knowledge of what is being discussed, try to lead the conversation to other subjects with which you are more familiar and comfortable.

Adopting these habits will transform you into a speaker who is intelligent and engaging in the eye of the listener.

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