Your Personality Type and Your Perfect Art Career #Infographic


So you’re online doing some job hunting… But then you realise you don’t want to just be another corporate office slave and you have WAY too much creativity in that brain of yours to spend your life looking at spread sheets and attending meaningless meetings for 8 hours a day. Well then this Infographic about art careers for your personality type is perfect for you!

It is beautifully designed. It neatly organises what art careers are ideal for your personality type. Whether you are a charismatic and inspiring leader (a.k.a “The protagonist”) or a quiet and mystical idealist, there’s an art career out there for you so don’t fret! Not to mention that if you are sick of having a boss breathing down your neck and want to be your own boss, this Infographic details which art careers you can pursue to become self employed. I can’t think of anything more satisfying than being your own boss, can you?

With a wide array of choices such as Graphic design, photography, interior design and more, you need to read this Infographic and find your perfect career match! Or go look at spread sheets and attend boring meetings, your choice!

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