Personal Profile on your CV

Personal profiles are key on your Curriculum Vitae. However, applicants rarely provide any compelling information in their profile, inserting their overambitious career goals or other irrelevant information instead.

In order to shed some light on what makes a good profile we will look at the following example from the marketing sector.

When you look at the Coca-Cola ad below, it does quite a few things. It tells you what it is, (i.e. a drink) what it does (i.e. answer your thirst) and how it makes you feel (i.e. delicious and refreshing).

cv personal profile

You need to employ similar tactics, when it comes to your personal profile. It has to persuade the recruiter that his client wants to employ someone like you.

The Coca-Cola Company conducted extensive customer research to understand what its clients want. Similarly, if you want to write a great personal profile you need to understand what prospective employers are looking for and tailor your profile to their needs. Remember recruiters and hiring managers are thirsty and you are the drink.

The question is, what kind of employee are they looking for?

There are a few sources you could consult in order to establish this. First source to consult is the job ad. It will highlight the level of experience and skills they are looking for. The second source is their website or marketing brochures. They will often inform you about the culture and type of people that work in the company. Finally you need to look at other people who work there, analyse their profiles and see if yours aligns nicely.

Relevant skills are a must for a cv personal profile.

There is no point mentioning that you are an excellent programmer if you apply for a job as a line manager in a call center for Mothercare. If McDonalds is looking for a shift manager, its website may help you establish that its shift managers have around 5 years work experience. It might not be mentioned in the job ad but if you did your homework you should include your level of experience. Finally, are they looking for candidates that are trained in something specific or qualified as an accountant? Make sure you include that too!

One question that many candidates ask is: “Do I have to write a profile tailored to every role I apply for?” The answer is firm, yes! You have to make it easy for the recruiters to see that you are exactly they are looking for.

Getting a job is a full-time job and your journey starts with a great personal profile at the top of your CV.

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