Panel Interviews / Presentations: Tips to Manage Your Anxiety #Infographic

Hack your Anxiety


Have you been invited to a panel job interview? Do you have to deliver a presentation to get a new job?

The idea of public speaking sends many of us into a panic as our pulse starts racing. Most people experience anxiety when presenting but fear can be managed by determining the basis of this anxiety, and then applying a few simple techniques. If your anxiety is situation based, flip it. Trick yourself into feeling good by seeing your physical reaction as excitement. Acknowledge what you are feeling and visualise positive things happening whilst you are speaking and culminate a successful presentation. Remind yourself that this is normal and your body is simply responding to something displeasing. Shake hands with the members of the audience prior to your presentation. This physical connection actually produces positive transmitters in your brain called oxytocin which in turn produces a natural calming effect.

You’ll want to reframe, reshift, and refocus your brain. By talking over your presentation with friends, you are not performing but conversing. It takes the pressure off you by releasing the feeling that there is only one way to do something, which ultimately causes stress. By shifting your attention towards your audience, you shift it away from you. In public presentations, it is absolutely essential to get your point across. By tackling your fears, this will help mitigate the effects of your anxiety.

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