Nursing Interview Questions

Interviews always require a good degree of formality and professionalism. Nursing interviews particularly want to see that you can adapt your personality to the situation. You will also need to do some specific preparation beforehand.

Expect to be asked the following Nursing Interview questions:

  • What personal characteristics do you think make you suitable for this job?

They are looking out for kindness, compassion, a calm demeanour, excellent organisational skills, and an uncompromised team spirit.

  • What attracts you to this particular post?

There are so many areas of nursing, such as oncology, brain injury, surgical nursing, A&E, and so on. They don’t want to hear “I heard there was a job going on this unit so I thought I’d apply.” They want to hear that you have worked within this area of nursing before, or that you have had contact with patients who have come from/moved on to this unit as part of their care and that you have always been interested in this area. Be sure to research whatever area you are applying for and know what is required of you as a nurse or nurse manager. Be well versed in the kind of treatment/care that the patients get.

  • How does the word ‘accountability’ apply to your career as a nurse?

You have huge responsibilities as a nurse, which you should never underestimate. You are responsible for a patient’s care, and for what happens to them while they are on your ward. For example, you must know their medication doses in case the prescriber mistakenly adds an extra “0” to a dose, bringing it from 30mg to 300mg for example. Accountability means that the nurse’s intervention with a patient can always be held up for judgement if something goes wrong, and you must be willing to take responsibility for making a mistake.

  • How are you as a team player?

Nursing is a busy, tiring, stressful job. You will work with a team of colleagues on different shift patterns and it is crucial that you work together and support each other. There has to be continuity in how everyone provides patient care on the ward/unit, and unreserved commitment to support each other and regard yourself as part of a team. There are no lone maverick nurses in any healthcare department!

Other features of nursing that you may be asked about are: supporting student nurses, prioritising your tasks if you are short-staffed, what you believe be ‘good standards of care’, and how much time you allocate to maintaining written medical documents. Nicole entered the care sector in 1996 and has worked in several areas of nursing since then. If you would like a free consultation with her or some individualised coaching about how to secure that nursing job that you’ve always wanted, you can contact her through our website.

Good luck with you Nursing Interview Questions!

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