How Much Money Should You Be Making? [Infographic]

How much you should be making?

This infographic depicts salary averages across different U.S. cities for careers in Marketing. As expected, the average salary vary across states, and this will more than likely be related to the availability of marketing jobs in each state as well as the cost of living for that particular area. In addition to the map, the infographic depicts nuanced differences within these salary distinctions. For example, the infographic shows the differences in salary based on experience, position and seniority within the career field of Marketing. Not surprisingly , senior management positions have higher salaries. Additionally, the infographic shows the differences in salary based on education. Predictably, people with advanced degree education had higher income. However, a college degree was not required to achieve a competitive salary. The infographic finishes off with a sweet caricature of a high-earner marketer.

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