What motivates you most about your career, besides paycheck? #Infographic

Career Motivation


Business is evolving in lockstep with the rest of the world and the employees are changing with it. It’s no longer enough to offer a desk and a salary, motivating the modern workforce requires much more then this. Determining benefits and motivating the workforce used to be simple: salary and some vacation time. Many new entrants to the workforce are now demanding substantial non- financial compensation as a part of their benefits package. This can be anything from flexible working time, work from home arrangements, cafeterias or gyms at the office, childcare, errand or laundry services, opportunities for personal growth, and sabbaticals. The list of potential perks can go on and on.
With so much more expected by the employees it makes sense that companies need to go above and beyond in properly motivating them. It is harder for employers to recruit and retain the best talent.
The reward mentality has changed, jobs are more complicated, and people want to feel satisfaction from their work. Making a difference or contributing to society is just as important as the steady paycheck to many workers, and recognising this need for fulfillment on a higher level is key to properly motivating employees.

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