Major time wasters in work environment #Infographic

Productivity at work


The biggest time wasting actions of employees at the majority of jobs should not come as a surprise to anyone. That being said, all potential job seekers should be aware of these time killers so they can be more productive at their prospective jobs.

The most time out of a typical workday is wasted by employees trying to contact other employees. Regardless of the medium used, you are guaranteed to be wasting valuable work time.

Since everyone at work has somewhat different roles to fulfill, it can be a nightmare trying to get specific people to block out a portion of their busy day for a meeting.

Before undertaking this gauntlet of communication, workers should ask themselves, “How important is this meeting?”; “Will NOT having this meeting cause everyone else to not be able to do their jobs as effectively?”

If the answers to these two questions still require a get-together, be prepared to waste even more time with duplicate communications. i.e. “I can’t do 9:30 today, how about 11:00 tomorrow?”. Then the communication goes out to all the principals, “So and so can’t make it at 9:30, how does 11:00 work for everyone?”

Then comes the influx of communications from those involved saying whether they can or cannot make the meeting, then their offering of a time and date which will work with their schedule.

To be the best employee you can be, think how important a communication really is before you get the ball rolling to get your fellow employees together for a meeting.

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