Laid Off, Now What?

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Losing your job can be devastating. Getting out there in the workforce to find gainful employment can be a daunting task. Searching for open positions, hoping to stand out from the rest in order for your application to be reviewed, eager to hear back from the prospective employer, and wanting it all yesterday is stressful. Here are some helpful hints to get the ball rolling a little faster:

Perfect Your Resume

Many of us haven’t updated our resumes in years. Most employed people don’t even think of keeping that resume up to date because they have a job. It is never thought that we could be laid off at a moment’s notice and need that perfect resume. If you are in a position where you are looking for employment and your resume is outdated, get started now!
Remember that your resume is simply a vehicle in which to get you in the door for an interview. Your resume needs to stand out from the rest. Make sure that your resume highlights your achievements in your previous employment. Have your resume tell the surface part of your employment story and make it interesting enough that the prospective employer will want to get you in for an interview to hear more.

Utilize Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are not just for those who can’t get a job on their own. Submit your perfected resume to high caliber agencies to help you circulate your availability to prospective employers. Many employers do not want to open the floodgates to a slew of applicants and understand how these agencies can help them find the right people.
Look for agencies that act more as employment headhunters. It is the job of these firms to place qualified individuals in the right positions in quality companies as their clients are the companies looking for people like you. So, get yourself in to a well established employment agency that operates with integrity and passion.

Continue Education

Finding yourself unemployed may be the motivation you need to go back to school. If this is something that you are able to do, do it now. Having higher education will set you apart from the rest of the job seekers and could land you a job at a much higher level than you were at before.
If attending a university is not in your cards at this time, find ways to gain certification in areas that pertain to your field of work. There are online classes, classes at colleges, as well as classes with companies that can get you additional training that can expand your resume.
Remember that in order to be successful at jumping back into the fight of gaining new employment, there are things that you need to do to set you apart from your competition. Getting yourself in front of prospective employers means that you must find the most persuasive ways to sell yourself. You must market yourself in the most effective manner possible by utilizing all of the tools you can to get the job done.

Dawn Campbell is a Human Resources Consultant and blogs for a site where a contractor can find work from clients. You can also use their services to find contractors for all kinds of work from IT consulting to mining contractors!

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  1. Dan Keller

    Great advice. I often advise my clients to take some courses as well. Especially is they could obtain a certification that will help them stand out from their peers when they are job hunting. I also think that people should always have their resume updated and always be on the lookout for better opportunities. That way if they do get laid off, they will be ahead of the game.

    1. Nik Lemmens

      Hi Dan,

      You need to be careful when looking out for better opportunities. There are two issues. First did you do your homework properly getting your current job? If not learn how to do that. Secondly when you do have a reasonable job (and even the good ones are under threat) you can actually get laid off because you seem distracted. Lets say your employer does need to let people go. The ones that are distracted and on the look too much out are prime candidates. If you choose your job right you should focus 100% on making it a success.

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