Job Search and Online Job Search

Career Journey uses a variety of proven techniques in order to develop job search strategies. We aim this service at those who are keen to:

Identify new opportunities (job leads)
Guarantee new interviews
Excel throughout the interview process
Achieve a boost in the number of offers made after interviews
Make the time spent on job search more effective

Below are some examples of the successful techniques that we use when developing job search strategies:

How to write a Curriculum Vitae that stands out
How to develop a career search strategy that is more effective
Using online methods to streamline your job search
How to get ahead through networking
How to make interviews go your way

We will work through each of the techniques in a modular format with you:

1. How to write a Curriculum Vitae that stands out

If you do not have a CV that stands out straight away, then you will find it very hard to secure any interviews for the jobs that you want. You must have a CV that is impressive to read and draws the attention of the employer; otherwise you may find yourself being offered jobs that you do not want, have offers of low salary or, worst case, not get any interviews at all!

We will help you to:

Make your CV more prominent so it demands attention when it is read
Use phrases and language more successfully
Add your key strengths, highlighting all the advantages of hiring you

2. How to develop a Career Search Strategy that is more effective

People can waste a lot of time by not knowing the best places to look for jobs. We can help you to search for jobs a lot more effectively and make more use of your time.

We will help you to:

Set out reasonable daily/ weekly objectives and monthly goals
Identify the correct employers and businesses
Utilise your networks for support and make new contacts
Develop back up plans in case of delays and setbacks
Stay positive when faced with difficulties and worries

3. Using online methods to streamline your job search

It can be very easy to get distracted when using the internet to look for jobs.
We will help you become more focused and dedicated to your online job search.

We can help you focus by showing you how to:

Use online recruiters and job boards in a time efficient manner
Locate online agencies that are recruiting in your desired niche
Utilise local search methods in order to identify leads

4. How to get ahead through networking

Networking can be rather scary at first if you have never done it. However, it is very important and can hugely increase your chances of finding a good job if you do it right. We will help you become more confident in your networking skills through using what we have learnt from our own experiences.

We can teach you how to network; you will then be able to:

Spot an increased number of job leads
Collect appropriate and useful information
Build a network of people who can help you find a job
Solve problems/ career issues (e.g. where to get sales training at a reasonable price)
Know how to network online as well as offline.

5. How to make interviews go your way

We will help you to:

Ensure that your responses correspond to the details in the job ad
Prepare yourself for standard interview questions
Identify more difficult questions and prepare answers
Improve and practice your interview skills
Learn how to present yourself in a confident and positive manner
Prepare appropriate questions to ask the interviewer.