Job Research When Looking For Work

If you’re serious about a career change or finding a new job then it really does pay to do your homework before you start. You wouldn’t buy a new house without first having a survey and finding out about it’s location and the neighbours, so to even think about looking for a new job without knowing what it entails is madness.

Perhaps you’re about to go for an interview to a company that you don’t know a lot about or maybe you’re trying to decide whether to accept a job invitation. It could be that you’re also looking for companies that are hiring recruits as I write this very article. Whether you’re a job seeker or a candidate for a job, there are numerous ways in which you can do some research on the company you are looking to join. A good old old fashioned tradition is to check the company’s website but by broadening your search, you will find out many more things to influence your decision.

Company Blogs for identifying job insights

These provide a voice for the company and serve to inform and educate its readers telling the visitor about its culture. Corporate blogs have evolved beyond all recognition engaging customers, using them to solve problems, and even rewarding them for doing so. You’ll also find blogs written by employees and ex employees which may well give you a good insight into things that the company would rather you didn’t know about.

Online career networking and social media sites

There are several of these sites available which do a great job. Sites like Monster UK let you post your job profile out on the world wide web letting employers find you. On the flip side of this there are hundred of company profiles out there for you to investigate. They also use social media sites such as Facebook connecting you professionally without mixing business with your friends. Career advice is also on hand for all stages of your career journey. LinkedIn is another social media site which is used by many businesses to post job and Twitter chats which take place in real time.

Personal development courses

These courses are a great way of implementing positive changes in your life which can help before you start to seek a new career or job. Take care to choose one which meets your needs. Self awareness, leadership, management development and team building are all skills that will be included on the courses and can help you immensely in your pursuit of a new job, giving you more confidence to tackle that initial interview.

Other job hunting methods

networking amongst friends and their acquaintances and contacts
reading the job columns in newspapers
watching the news for any company information with regards to recruitment
company trends – these can be seasonal especially in retail when companies recruit more staff to cope with the extra Christmas work load. Often a temporary job can lead to full time employment if the company is impressed with how you perform.
Green is fast becoming the way to go in many companies, and so an understanding of green issues is a definite plus on the recruitment front.

How to know if a company is bad

Warning signs include:
Poor communication skills – if an employer can’t communicate effectively by letter, email or phone, then what are the chances of them running their business effectively?
Overselling – when you hear a recruiter saying that you really can’t afford to pass up this opportunity and must take action instantly, then again what can be so urgent? It makes you wonder whether they are simply trying to meet their hire quotas.
Limited contact information – vague information such as no contact name or company name as also very worrying. You should be able to find out basic information on a company with a quick Google search.
The job that sounds too good to be true – again, if it sounds too good to be true, then chances that it probably is. Don’t be hoodwinked into joining something that isn’t even in the pipelines yet.

Good luck with your job search!

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