Job Requirements [infographic]

Cisco commissioned a study into the necessity of access to the internet as part of your remuneration. The study included college students and college graduates who recently joined the workplace. The reason why this study is important comes when companies have an older demographic and need to attract a younger workforce. This could actually become an issue for many employers trying to attract young talent.

Have a look:

Job Requirements [infographic]

What are your requirements? Twitter, Facebook or just email? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Mitch Mitchell

    You know, it seems like college students are out of touch with reality, but it’s nice to dream. The reality is that even with the growth of social media most employers just don’t trust it or trust employees they can’t, well, control all that well. I love the one where 70% want to not have to go into the office; that’s called self employment, which is what I did when I decided I didn’t want to go that route anymore either.

    Then again, if they can get it so much the better; I just don’t see it happening any time soon.

    1. Nik Lemmens

      Yes, I agree. Many students will probably need to rethink some of their demands. Most companies just block social media and that’s the end of the story. They do give you Blackberries etc and you can use it privately, they just take the extra cost out of your payslip.

      I think there is a trend emerging where employers do allow you to work much more at home. The model they try to employ is a kind a elance fixed price model. Do x and I’ll pay you every month. It’s a very measured approach. I used to work for one of such companies and oh boy I did not have time for social media.

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