Unusual Job Opportunities

In this weeks news review I will be focusing on unusual job opportunities that have made it into the news.

The first article that was of interest is the apparent lack of studies supporting the High-Tech creativity industry and the lack of awareness among young people that there are such job opportunities in the UK. The report recommends and improvement in the current curriculum, industry accredited courses and more opportunity for people to study art and technology together.

Employment in the UK wind power is also in the news with a surge in jobs opportunities. The Report from the RenewableUK lobby group said there was a 91% surge in the last 3 year.

Around 300 job opportunities will be created in Woking to build the New MP4-12C McLaren.

If you plan to go to Uruguay there are some job opportunities in construction according to this BBC article. Something we often don’t consider in our job search is looking across the border to see what’s out there. That border can just be your county or go much further. For the right job opportunities you have to look at all options. Career Coaching can help you identify all your options.

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