Is remote working driving us crazy?

Telecommuting, or working from home, has made a huge impact on the way average workers make their money.  Most of these workers are actually delighted at seeing little travel cost and more time available to work more efficiently.  More than 80% of young UK workers stated that they would enjoy escaping the typical 9-5 job system.

However, this change of culture is not without its downsides.  Working with a faceless boss and as a result, becoming a faceless worker, leads to overlooked progress and a lack of relationship between the two.  Workers may be subject to working longer, more stressful hours, with little reward.

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  1. Phil Byrne

    Nice article Nik. I think being a remote worker does take some restructuring, you have to learn to be your own boss really! One thing I find useful is to make sure you get dressed early everyday, just as if you were going to work. Gets you into the right frame of mind.

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