Irritating Clichés People Hate at Work #INFOGRAPHIC

Annoying Phrases you hear at work


Anyone looking to enter the modern workplace should know that the old way of doing business is just that – old. Used-up phrases and cliches are out of style, and this article points out the worst offenders.

With great graphics and the history behind each tired business phrase, the article entertains the whole way through! Cheesy office sayings are not modern or cool, and the illustrations show you why. Sometimes the best way of saying something in the office to get your point across is to just say what you actually mean, without trying to use tech lingo, and certainly without trying to put anyone else down in the process. In today’s corporate environment, you simply cannot get by if you are stuck using last year’s- or even last decade’s popular workday expressions. Whether referring to supervising, teamwork, prioritising, or getting ahead, you should avoid these office cliches at all times. After all, you want to be the person bringing new things to the office, don’t you? (Although you want to be a winner in the office, hopefully your new idea doesn’t turn out to be the next “win-win” cliche situation!)

So let the “50 Annoying Phrases You Hear At Work” slowly fade away, now that you know what they are. Take a look at the poster and you will remember them all, and remember to be yourself at work so you can get ahead instead behind the times!

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