Interview Tips and Humour [infographic]

Most people will have had an interview experience that they’d rather forget, whether it’s because of an embarrassing statement they wish they’d never said, asking the interviewer an inappropriate question or arriving unsuitably dressed, all of which can result in not getting the job you were interviewed for.
Interviews can be tricky and nerve-racking, which can often lead to silly mistakes being made, such as those shown in the infographic. However, if you make sure that you follow these simple interview tips and fully prepare then you’ll never want to forget an interview again. After all, they are a good learning experience, even if you don’t get the job.

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Here are some top interview tips:

1. Dress smart: Buy something new if you have to because a good interview suit is well worth investing in;

2. Make sure you look and smell clean: This means wash your hair, wear deodorant, don’t have too much makeup on or wear too much perfume aftershave;

3. Make appropriate statements only: Think before you speak and do not tell the interviewer about your drinking habits or how you dislike many of your current colleagues. You must filter your comments, otherwise you risk alienating the interviewer and ruining your chances of getting the job;

4. Leave your personal life and bad habits outside the interview room: Potential employers want to find candidates who will work hard and consistently without getting distracted by their latest personal drama, so don’t bring your kids or pets to the interview, even if they’re waiting outside as this is very unprofessional, as is showcasing any bad habits that should be kept private.

Although this infographic is a bit of fun, you’d be surprised at how many people are guilty of some of the included elements. So just try to make sure you think before speaking and put across your best side to the interviewer and give yourself the greatest chance of getting the job.

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