Interview Guide

Ensuring that you are properly prepared before going into an interview is so important. People may believe that they can get through an interview by only using their natural intelligence and without doing any of the proper groundwork but this is just not the case anymore. Interviewers these days look out for candidates who arrive looking the business and who have also obviously done a lot of research into the company.

It is now painfully obvious if you arrive unprepared for an interview and you will be caught out, even if you are an exceptional candidate in every other way. Fail to prepare and you should prepare to fail.

CareerJourney’s Interview Guide therefore takes you, the candidate, through the crucial stages of interview preparation and prepares you for what you can expect in the interview itself.

The interview guide provides advice on the kinds of interview questions that you can expect to be asked, as well as giving you direction as to how you should conduct yourself in an interview, for instance how to engage your interviewer and the questions you should be looking to ask them. The guide also covers what you should wear to an interview and how you should act when the interview is coming to an end and of course then how you can follow up the status of your application, after an appropriate amount of time has passed.

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