Interesting Stats on Resume Lies #Infographic

Impact of lies on your CV/Resume


Lying on a resume can be an incriminating act, this is why it comes as a shock to discover that over half of all resumes contain falsehoods in some way or another.

Telling falsehoods on a job resume is a common practise nowadays, the degree of the tale varies. The most common thing lied about is salary rate, with around 40% of all falsehoods attributed to this. Other things commonly lied about on resumes are dates of employment, degrees, references or previous job descrpitions. It has been shown that around 70% of college students would lie on their resumes if it helped them in obtaining a job of their choosing. Other people that lie on their resumes are those with a previous felony record, this accounts for around 7% of falsified resumes. However, only 15% of people actually admit to lying on their resume. People who lie on their resume do so at their own risk, it is not recommended to lie upon a resume as if discovered, even years down the line, the consequences can be bleak.

Although it seems like a common practise, lying on a resume isn’t safe. It is recommended to work with what you actually have and present it in the best way possible without falsifying information.

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