Infographic: How To React To Weird Interview Questions From Apple or Google

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“How many cows are in Canada?” Kickresume has released an infographic that answers this odd interview question, and others.

If you’re going to an interview at Apple, Google or Amazon you should know what to expect, right? Recently large tech companies have changed their approach to the classic interview. Don’t expect to be asked “What is your biggest weakness?” by your potential employer.

“What didn’t you get a chance to put on your resume?” Richard Branson, founder of Verizon, gave this as an example of a weird interview question. What’s the answer? “If you were going to hire someone based on what they said about themselves on paper, there would be no need to interview.” says Branson. The questions are meant to show your skills in critical thinking, and the ability to analySe a situation. No matter what your response is, make sure you sell yourself. Be easy to remember, and always show off your strengths in the answer.

There is no correct answer, but there are a few that are incorrect. Don’t ever say “I don’t know” in response to a question in an interview, no matter how far fetched it seems. Answer honestly, and know that most hiring associates appreciate some light humor. They’re asking the weird questions after all, right?

The infographic from Kickresume is an excellent tool to help you learn how to react to an uncomfortable question during an interview with your potential employer. It’s a must read before your big interview, guaranteed to help you nail it.

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Infographic: How To React To Weird Interview Questions From Apple, Google

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