How to write a CV profile

Step 4: How to write a CV profile

Writing a profile can be very difficult and some people just do not like it or mess it up big time. So lets look at how you can write a winning profile without all the drama.

Each CV profile should open with what they are looking for. For example if the company need a sales person, start your profile with “Experienced Sales Representative” If they need a manager you could start with “Seasoned Manager”. It is important that there is a clear alignment between your statement and the type of person they want. It is like kicking in an open door, it should be obvious you are the one.

The second sentence should highlight some of the relevant experiences you can bring to your potential employer. For example mention you have 5 years experience working in customer services or highlight your technical background.

The third sentence should say something about you personally. What type of person are you. Do you have a can do attitude, are you a peoples person etc, are great elements to put in your profile.

Finally close your profile with some of the relevant specific skills you have that are required in the job.

You can download our CV profile template from here

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