Use our CV template to bring it all together

Step 5: Bring it together in our CV template

Up to now we got:
– A great profile
– Your key skills
– Your achievements

So we are still missing the following elements

Career History

This is a reverse chronologic summary of all the jobs you have done. If you have more than 15 years of experience you can actually summarise these jobs in a few lines rather than adding pages of irrelevant information.

For each job include the following elements
– Job Title
– Employers name and Location
– Dated between which you worked there
– One sentence of your general responsibilities
– All the relevant achievements for the job

Write this down for each job

Now you got your career history it is time to write-up your education and qualifications

It is important to include all the relevant ones and maybe leave out some that are not relevant. For example if you are looking for a job in computer sales and you include your cooking certificate you gained a year ago you might get asked questions why you are not applying for food related jobs. These are awkward interview questions so you better avoid these by leaving out irrelevant qualifications.

Qualifications should include
– Name of the qualification
– Date obtained (or on-going if that’s the case)
– Grade
– Institute you gained the qualification from

Personal information is the final part that needs to be included on your CV/Resume. Most important are your Name and contact details. How else will they get back to you? I have seen a few “tickets” in my time that had no name at all. What a shame since the rest had great info. Make sure your contact information is complete and easy to find. A valid email address and your phone number are required. Make sure your email address is simple and includes your name. homer1967@yahoo is not appropriate and will probably cause you to be passed over. It also includes a hint towards your age which you need to avoid since you want to get hired for your skills and expertise, not your age!

Apart from the contact details it is important to include some relevant interests. If you are applying for a job that requires traveling you could mention some of the countries you visited, if your job is physical than include some of the sports you do so your future employers knows you are suitable for the job.

You can download our CV template here and fill in all the required info. There are however great templates out there so feel free to search for them online.