Highlight your job skills

Step 3: Highlighting your job skills

These days HR and job boards use algorithms to identify you as a suitable candidate.

Some candidates have tried to stuff their CV/Resumes with keywords so they get picked up more often. This is stupid as you will be waiting longer. First and for all the new version of HR software can recognise this, ruining your chances even before you get them and secondly your CV should be full with relevant and targeted skills and achievements that are relevant. This does however not mean we are not going to highlight our key skills. We are, in a easy none “gaming” way. Remember your 15 skills or activities you really enjoyed? It’s time to use them again. Pick the 9 most relevant ones and add them to your Resume/CV. You should highlight your key skills about once or twice.
One way to really highlight your relevant job skills is to create a section at the start of your CV with these 9 key skills. After your profile it should jump out immediately and when you are applying for your ideal jobs you are much more likely to get interviews.

Now that you have your job skills it is time to learn how to write a profile here