Crafting Achievements CV style

Step 2: crafting achievements CV style

Once you have identified your ideal job it is time to craft these achievements for your CV.

Based on the three ideal jobs you have printed out identify all responsibilities you had over the last 10 years that required you to use the required skills.

You can download a template here. This will help you to highlight all the things you have done that are relevant to the job you want. This is important since employers are looking for experience that can help them in their business.

Writing achievement statements is the real goal here. An achievement is a valuable outcome for a business as a result of your activities. For example you implemented a project resulting in better customer satisfaction or higher sales. It is important each achievement has a result because employers love employees who can bring them results. We already know from step one you are good at this and you enjoy it. Add results to the mix and we are getting close to constructing a great ticket.

The basic construct of an achievement is as follows. Start each achievement with an action verb, what you did and what the results were. Action verbs show you have done things i.e. completed and delivered the results. Some good action verbs are:
– Administered
– Doubled
– Launched
– Managed
– Build
– Headed
– Created
– Implemented
– Developed
– Directed
– Improved
You can find a more comprehensive list here

Now you are proficient crafting achievements CV style, the next step is highlighting your key skills