How to write a CV that stands out

How to write a CV

Your CV or Resume is your entrance ticket to an interview and ultimately a new job. Having hired many people over the years I have literally seen hundreds if not thousands of them. Poorly written CV’s will stop your job search before it has properly begun. Fear not here our guidance on how to write a CV that stands out.

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    Step 1. Identify your ideal job.

    Many people write CV’s for any job they can do. This is obviously not advised. Even if you are successful you are likely to be looking for your next role within months.

Take a piece of paper and draw 3 vertical lines or download our template from here In column one you write skills, in column two you write expertise and in column 3 you write enjoyment.

Now write down all the skills and activities you have done in your career. (you might need two pieces of paper). Once you got them all written down rate your expertise for each skill or activity. I suggest you rate them as follows:

– Expert (+5 Years professional experience)
– Advanced (3 Years professional experience)
– Intermediate (1 Year professional experience)
– Basic (Less than a year of professional experience)
– Aware (experience from outside the workplace)

The years of experience are just a guide but although you might be an expert at something if no-one has paid you to do this professionally you might not be seen as an expert by employers.

Once you have rated all these activities and skills indicate for each activity how much you like doing them in column 3. I suggest you rate them as follows

– Love it
– Like it a lot
– Like it
– Like it a little
– Don’t like it

Once you have completed the exercise take a new piece of paper and pick out all activities and skills you are either advanced or expert in and the ones you love or like a lot.

Sort your list with all activities that satisfy both criteria. I.e. those you score high in both expertise and enjoyment.

If you don’t have more than 15 elements increase your criteria’s and include elements you like and skills you have intermediate expertise in.

Now you got your list it is time to identify suitable job descriptions since you do want to end up at the right game!

The next step is to find real jobs that uses your best skills. The easiest way to do this is go to a job board like and type in your skills. You will suddenly find tens if not hundreds of jobs that require your skills. Some jobs will need multiple skills you are really good at and enjoy doing. These are the jobs we aim to get and once you identify two or three of them it is time to build move to the next step but first print out your two to three jobs.

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