HOW TO: Tell If Your Company Needs Leadership Training

Leadership training has a critical role in the scheme of hings in an organization.This is evident from the trends in the budgetary outlays of most companies these days – the budgetary provision either remains the same or is revised upwards.Some companies tend to take a rather casual view by arguing that constant or even periodical training is a waste of resources since this can be taken up as and when required.But many companies have found it to their cost that this is like bolting the stable after the horse had run off. Periodical training of executives is essential if the organization is to be kept ready to meet new challenges and achieve set goals. You know it is time for leadership training when employees discretely give broad hints about how executives have become ineffective or you find there are managers who actually think it is deluge after them!

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HOW TO: Tell If Your Company Needs Leadership Training

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