How to prepare for your job interview presentations?

Well done, you just received an email telling you that you’ve got an interview next week! Hold on, you read it again and it says you need to deliver one of these dreaded job interview presentations. At this point your initial euphoria changes to nerves. Don’t worry, we have a structure that shows you how to prepare for your job interview presentation.

Your presentation audience

First, you need to understand your audience. If you know who they are you can make sure you pitch to the right level and give the right message. Here are some questions you need to ask:

–       Who will attend?

–       What is their function?

–       How long have they been with the company?

–       What are their personal interests?

Once you have gathered that information it is time to look at your message.

The message

You are often given a direction for your presentation. This may be about something you solved, designed or experienced. Whatever the direction your message is based on, it needs to align to both what has been asked of you, and your target audience.

The main goal is to pick something that is relevant to the direction and relevant to your audience. Let’s say your audience is the hiring manager and three of his team members who work in the marketing department. The direction you have been given is a pitch for a new campaign.

If you have done your research you should know what products and services are relevant to them that you can use as an example. There are bonus points when you can use a past example that is dear to one or more people in your audience. Let’s say you did a campaign in the past for nappies. If your audience have kids themselves this is a great choice.

Your message should include the following three elements:

–       What was the situation?

–       What actions did you take?

–       What was the outcome?

Here’s our example of the nappies

Situation: Decline in market share for your brand requiring a new marketing approach

Actions: Research, campaign development and execution

Outcome: 3% improvement in market share

Your message would be:

We developed a new campaign for X nappies and turned around their decline in market share to a 4% increase.

So your presentation should have the following framework:

–       The situation

–       The Journey

–       The Results

At the end of the day you will be hired for the value you can bring. Make sure your job interview presentations show it.

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