The begining…

For the last few years I have been stuck in a role I am really good at. I can hear you ask, if your good why stuck? Well sometimes you feel something isn’t right. Let me give you an example.

    You work in sales and you exceed your targets every month. Your boss loves you, your family is happy because plenty is coming in but something is not right. Maybe the 5 year warranty with what you sell doesn’t cover anything and your bothered about it. Maybe you are forced to overstate the benefits of the service. Maybe your product is so bad you can only sell it to people who don’t understand it.

Eventually the little voice will catch up with you and although your good at what you do, that job is not you. A simple test to know if your job is the one you always wanted is to ask yourself the following question.

    Do I tell, with pride, everyone who wishes to listen what I do?

If not maybe you need a new career.

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