Green Energy Not Yet A Big Job Generator (INFOGRAPHIC)

While green energy and sustainable energy sources seem inviting and promising, their effect on the job market is less than spectacular.  The addition of new green job only accounted for 138,000 workers; roughly a tenth of the jobs that were sustained in the coal, oil, and natural gas industry.  However, solar thermal energy seemed to create the biggest spike in jobs with an 18.4 percent annual job growth factor.

In comparison with energy jobs in general, the healthcare industry saw a boost which accounted for 10 times the amount of coal, oil, and natural gas jobs combined, with a reported 13.8 million workers.
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  1. Ken

    The main reason that green energy isn’t creating jobs like it was promised to is that renewable energy simply isn’t as cost-effective as fossil fuels are. Here in the states, the US Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration data has released information showing the cheapest way to produce electricity is coal, oil and natural gas costs $0.44 (44 cents) per megawatt-hour, nuclear energy costs $1.59 per MWH, wind energy $23.37 and finally solar energy $24.34.

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