Go Green With An Exciting Career Change

If you’re looking for a change of career, then why not consider a green job? There’s never been a better time to jump on board the green wagon since this is one of the fastest growing trends in the world today and is expected to become a $1.5 trillion industry in the not too distant future.

Whether you’re looking for a change of career, recently graduated, changing jobs or looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity, then the green industry is for you. It doesn’t even matter what your background is, since green careers are expanding into all types of areas and will only continue to grow.

What is so exciting about the green industry is that it isn’t a passing fad. Green is here to stay.

What is a green career?

In essence a green career is any occupation which is affected by such activities as recycling, conserving energy, creating alternative energy and reducing pollution.

So what are some of the green industries?


With the rapid rise and decline of fossil fuels, people have long been looking for alternative options. Solar power is growing in popularity in the UK as more companies and consumers acknowledge its relatively cheaper cost and solar panels to produce electricity and hot water are on the rise.

Wind power is also on the increase as a method of producing electricity and is proving quite controversial as people continue to battle against the erection of wind farms on ‘their patch’.


Plug in electric cars are getting more attention for a number of reasons. They’re near enough oil free, reduce omissions which are responsible for global warming and also have a high tech appeal. People are also increasingly being encouraged to cycle or walk to work in attempt to make our towns a more pleasant and pollution free environment.

Construction industry

There is a growing demand for new green buildings and retrofitting of residential and commercial dwellings. This is also being carried into the domestic market with houses being built completely from wood which is sustainable, having walls which are made from mud, and insulation being provided from straw. Interestingly, these houses are cheaper to build than brick and mortar houses.

Organic agriculture

This is a form of agriculture which works in harmony with nature rather than against, producing crops without damaging the environment for the people who live and work in it. It relies heavily on recycled crop wastes and animal manures, crop rotation, green manures, and pest control using more resistant crops, and encouraging useful predators who eat pests and using natural pesticides.

What are typical green jobs?

Green jobs actually fall into three categories as follows:

Higher demand green jobs – these are the types of jobs which still have the same job title but will grow in demand as people demand more green services and goods. They include such jobs as bus drivers as the demand for the use of public transport increases;
Carpenters who will be needed to help work on retrofitting and green construction; Agricultural Inspectors – they will be called into play as demand grows for sustainable and organic farming techniques. There will also be government regulations to check out.

Jobs with changing skills
– this will involve including new skills in certain job descriptions thanks to the demand of green products and services. For example, public relations specialists may need to hone their skills in marketing green products and services; Construction managers will need to learn more about green construction; Farmers will have to expand their sustainable farming techniques.

New Green Jobs – These are totally new jobs that are emerging as the green trend increases. They include such jobs as Chief Sustainability Officers who oversee green activities at their organisations; Wind Energy Engineers who are charged with designing and constructing wind farms; and Energy Auditors who undertake audits to check how energy efficient a home or commercial building is.

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