Getting More Out of Your Direct Gov Job Search

Direct Gov Job Search

The Job Search is a service provided by jobcentreplus and is part of the Department for Work and Pensions. The search also includes options for Voluntary work. This is provided by “do-it”

Voluntary Work

“Why should I do unpaid work?” you may ask. When you are looking to do voluntary work you have to think about how it can help you in the future. Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself to see if voluntary work can help you.
1. Will I gain experience relevant to my future career?
2. Will I engage in causes I believe in?
3. Will I be able to use certain knowledge I acquired?
4. Will I acquire skills and knowledge I can use in the future?
5. Can this lead to paid work in an area I am interested in?
Answering these questions will help you to understand if this specific volunteering job is for you and can help you in your future job search.

Job Search

Regardless of the type of job you apply for a CV is required. We made our best CV layout available for you to use and construct your own Curriculum Vitae.

The first element of the Direct Gov Job Search is your targeted job title; this vary from a broad term such as “sales” or “receptionist” to very specific roles like “Identity and Access Management Consultant” or “Quantitative microeconomic modeler”. It is clear that the broader your job title the more returns you will get. It might look there is plenty of work in your field but you need to look carefully to see if you match specific requirements.

The second element is location. Think about commuting, the cost and its impact. Here you can read more about the impact of commuting when you select a job. Based on your ability to commute you can increase the distance but do remember that the longer the commute the more it costs.

Further search options include

Hours: How many hours you want to work
Permanent or Temporary
Time since the job was posted
Work pattern: evening, nights, weekends or term time

There are also options to select jobs by category. Some popular categories are

Retail & sales
Transportation & distribution
Food, drink & hotels
Arts, leisure & tourism
Science, engineering & IT
Health and care services
Legal, financial & business
Schools, education & training
Cleaning & environmental services
Agriculture, parks & animals
Security & armed forces

Starting your job search is never easy and being prepared is key. The Direct Gov Job Search site is a good place to start.

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