Getting a job with a blog, show your expertise!

Recently, Tony Restell from wrote an article about the benefits of writing a blog as a means of getting headhunted.

Tony makes the point that a blog shows your passion, gives you the ability to reach out as, well as showing your personality. I suggest that you read the full article Forget LinkedIn Profiles.

So, now you have decided to start a blog, share your expertise and reach out but how do you start?

There are many options to starting a blog. There are some good free options like and, or you can easily start your own WordPress site. Domain Names can cost anything between £10 and £20 a year and hosting should also not be much more when you are first starting out.

The next step is just what do you write about, obviously it is important to show your expertise and engage with your audience.

Let’s break down this expertise a little bit more. Let’s say you want to become a business strategy consultant then the first levels of expertise you can show are tips and tricks.

For example:

Tips to raise finance;
Tricks to track growth;
Ways to set targets.

The second level of expertise that you can showcase is how to, steps and checklists.

For example:

How to audit your strategy;
How to develop a growth strategy.

The third level of expertise that you can show is methods, principals or guidelines.

For example:

Porters’ Five Forces.

Showcasing your expertise on these three levels should get you noticed.

So, a few months later you have produced some really great content and showed off all of your expertise. However, very often at that stage people give up because they have forgotten to use their blog in conversations or share it with an audience, so have not been getting much interest.

At the end of the day you are trying to get a job in your field of expertise so you need to keep going and create some interest around your blog in order to attract potential employers.

Here are some steps to help you do this:

Find recruiters who specialise in recruiting people with your expertise;

o Their blogs;
o The LinkedIn groups that they participate in;
o Their twitter handle;
o The twitter hash tags they use;

Comment on their blog posts, linking back to your blog;
Look for conversations on LinkedIn groups that you can join and then add your expertise to;
Tweet your new articles using hash tags that are used by the recruiters;
Follow recruiters on twitter and hope that they follow back;
Set-up searches (Google alerts or twitter searches) for your blog posts so that you know who is looking for or talking about similar expertise that you have.

Getting a job with a blog is not a fast solution but by using your blog to stimulate interest in you for potential roles, you are making sure that you will get hired for the right reasons and will be able to use your expertise on a daily basis and who would object to that?

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