Future Studies

With an ever increasing number of people competing for the same number of jobs, it is even more important that candidates put a lot more thought into their future careers, whether they are 18, 23, 30 or over 40 years old. So, if you want to be successful in your career, then you’ve got to plan ahead.

For instance, if you think you might be interested in becoming a specialist in a certain field such as palaeontology, astronomy, another field where you have to have specific qualifications, then you’ve got to think logically about how you spend your time. For instance, why spend 3 years doing Classics at University, if you’re only going to have to spend another 3 studying Biology or Geology to enable you to become a Palaeontologist.

To help you in your goal to focus more on your future plans, below you’ll find three useful points which you should try and take on board.

Additional Languages

Learning a language is easier when you are young, or when you have the time to dedicate to learning, which is obviously not easy if you have a full time job and family to look after. Therefore, if you can dedicate time to learning another language when at school or college, make sure you do although it is still possible to learn an additional language when you’re older; you just have to put a lot more effort in. Many employers these days are on the lookout for candidates who can be easily relocated and then help grow the business globally, which requires language skills.

Keep maths going

Maths is more often than not a subject that people give up as soon as they get the choice to at school, however, it does pay to keep up your maths skills if you can, as they will help you in a multitude of careers, from accounting, sales, engineering, science and certainly if you ever decide to start your own business. Of course, you don’t have to be a whizz kid, especially if your chosen career does not stem on maths, but it is certainly a skill worth having and will make you more confident in the long run.

Forward looking trends

You should always keep an eye on what the most recent trends are in the world and get involved with them however you can, whether this involves actively experiencing something, or merely learning about it in great detail. For instance, obviously social media is of huge importance to businesses and this is only set to grow even more over the next few years. The same is true of ‘Going Green’, where the world looks for new ways to reduce carbon emissions and look after our environment. It will do you good to start looking at these different trends, amongst others, and identify ways that you can bring benefit to a company because of what you have learnt.


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  1. Blake | Custom Catalog Printing

    Nice tips Nik. I think the first tip about learning languages is the most important. We live in a world where cultural and language barriers exist. Proper communication is essential towards better understanding of parties. As we plan out our future, it is good to know many languages to overcome those barriers and let communication do the rest.

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